I grew up gardening at Nichols Garden Nursery in Albany, OR.  Today, my husband Keane,  and I operate this family owned mail order seed house and herb nursery. I am co-author of McGee & Stuckey’s Bountiful Container, a complete guide to creating and growing edible gardens in containers.  This blog explores the relationship between gardening and food. I speak on a variety of gardening related topics for “gardeners who eat”.

Rose Marie Nichols McGee

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  1. Hello, my name is Mike Hamper and I live in NE corner of Ohio. I have been doing Organic Gardening for well over 30 years now and have often used hay ahd straw bales as multch around my plants. I also let them weather a year if possible before placing the slices around the plants . This makes a wonderful weed bearrier and moisture holding , clean walking and clean harvesting of vegs..also a protective mantal for earth worms to come to the surface underneath the multch and do what they do best …creat soil….which each year improvs the organic composition of my soil…I have not ever thought of the idea your are suggesting and Love It….I will be using this method this year for some upclose to the house bale lots….I have used hay and straw for the walls of my hot beds in the spring with sucess also, laying old wooden storm windows over the bales. Usually I have put some soil about 8 inches deep inside. What a great resource the bales are……thanks for the idea……Mike Hamper

  2. Dear Rosemary,

    I went to a presentation you gave at a symposium at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA a couple months ago. I love your book on containers — it even has a good index, which I really appreciate, besides the excellent content and the generally nice production of the book.

    In any case, I am writing because I would like your permission to forward an e-newsletter I just wrote. It’s called “Winter Garden Report” and it covers ecological gardening topics, etc. — all short items and very easy to scan/peruse. I’ve gotten good feedback on it so far. I am an aspiring garden writer — I wrote two articles for the San Francisco Chronicle this past summer (one is on weather-based irrigation controllers, the other is on what I call “self-seeding kitchen gardens.”

    So, I just wanted to know if it would be alright for me to send it to you, and if so, if I might have your email address.

    Best regards,

    Jillian Steinberger

  3. Rose Marie, I am copying this information https://nicholsgardennursery.wordpress.com/2009/05/31/gmo-beet-roots-busted/
    and putting it on my blog with a reference back to your blog. We really need to keep this information in the spotlight. Thank you for posting this information.

  4. Rose Marie, it was such a pleasure to finally meet you when I stopped by this week to thank you for your donations to our Prison garden project. Would you consider linking to our blog at http://lettucegrow.org/history.html, and I have done the same to your blog. I hope we get the chance to work together again.


  5. Rose Marie, how wonderful to find you – I’m both an occasional gardener and a frequent eater, leaning heavily toward the organic.

    Thanks for checking out my blog photos. I have an occasional series called “Dinner With TCR,” which you’ve inspired me to be more consistent about; thanks for that too!

    I’ll be back. :)


  6. Do you have retail outlets in Oregon?

    • Hello Mary,
      Our own nursery and garden store in Albany, Or and our website www,nicholsgardennursery.com serve as our retail outlets. In Portland Garden Fever, Urban Farmer, Buffalo Gardens and several New Seasons Markets have racks in their stores.

  7. Hi Rose Mary —– Ray and I have moved from our lovely Lark Gardens in Powell Butte — to a lovely Retirement Community here in Bend. We can now be found at
    Lita and Ray Kilpatrick
    19800 SW Touchmake way #287
    Bend, Or. 97702
    We are making arrangements to continue to grow vegetables for the kitchen here at Touchmark. So please send me your current catalog!!! I really miss seeing you in Redmond – during that Master Gardners event. Take Care — LIta

  8. Rose Marie – In your catalog, page 38, item White Wonder Cucumber you reference that the recipe using this cucumber, Danish “Asier” Spicy Sweet Pickles was on the blog. I can’t seem to find it. Please Help.

  9. Dear Rosemarie:

    I just received your book today which I have eagerly been waiting for. Then I realized that your maiden last name is Nichols and then further realized you are Greek. Most of my extended family changed their last name to Nichols but my family kept the original last name Nikolopoulos…are you a Nikolopoulos too?? If so, wow, what an interesting coincidence!! We are all very into food. Growing and cooking! Now I live in a condo and am about to embark on my own little garden. Thank you!

    • Hello Tess,
      The family name is now Nichols but uncertain as to the original spelling. I know my grandfather came from Sparta and was changed at Ellis Island. Thanks for asking.
      Rose Marie

  10. Hello Rose Marie,

    My mom’s name was Rose and has been gone 12 years now, but she made the best pies with your apple pie seasoning. My dad passed on two 2 oz packets to me but no instructions on how much to use. First, I am unsure how old the seasoning is, and second, how much of seasoning per packet? I have been wanting to do this for years and now with the holidays upon us, I would like to try. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Happy Thanksgiving!


  11. What a lovely memory you’ve shared, thank you.
    I look at a recipe for a pie, add up the spices and mix in that amount. Almost every recipe uses teaspoon measurements and I don”t think you will be too far off.
    Now you say these are in packets, we’ve been packing in plastic jars for many years so they may have aged. Smell them and if they are fragrant give it a try. The taste won’t go off but it may be diminished. Hope this info helps and we always have fresh spices reasonably priced.
    Rose Marie

  12. Greetings! I first became acquainted with Nichols Garden Nursery through my Aunt Columbia Rose in the 1950s, when she became a customer and your catalog was just a few pages long. I was just a child, but she grew such a fine and varied garden I was certain your family had a hand in it. I’ve grown your plants through the years and have recently enjoyed both reading your container book and gifting it to friends who have small gardens. It’s a fine reference. Soft drink cans as lightweight ballast, indeed!
    I’m a retired journalist and have just finished a book of gardening essays based on my gardening column and on an ongoing series of essays on regional public radio in the Missouri Ozarks. I would like very much to send you a proof copy in hopes you might be inspired to review it. No strings, of course, but I hope you’ll be entertained. Should I just send it to the nursery address with attention to you?
    Keep up your very good work.

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