GMO Beet Roots Busted

The presence of viable GMO sugarbeet roots in recycled potting soil is the lead article  in today’s Corvallis Gazette Times/Albany Democrat Herald. The beets were identified because they bore numbered tags. I’m not going to repeat or paraphrase this article which is an excellent example of hometown journalism and why we need our newspapers. When such a shocking and distressing development occurs a bright light needs to be shone with careful reporting. Here’s the link to this illuminating article: your comments and discussion are welcome.

4 Responses

  1. I am so glad to see Monsanto getting a taste of their own medicine! Did you listen to NPR this morning? They did a segment on India going organic with a very interesting reference to Monsanto.

    In India, Bucking The ‘Revolution’ By Going Organic

    This is very heartening! Maybe this is the beginning of a domino effect?

    Thanks for sharing your local story!

  2. Hello Gabrielle,
    I just read the NPR entry. the model of vast monoculture agriculture with little or no rotation simply cannot work forever. I think the farmer who is using mixed blocks of crops is absolutely going to have long term benefit in terms of health of his fields and reduced costs.

  3. This is huge, Rose Marie, so good for you for shining the light on this story. The GT’s willingness to go on the record with this in the face of such an industry giant as Monsanto, plus the local impact through OSU, is huge. We all need to keep this story in the public’s eye in every way we can.

    • Hi Jan,
      I too am impressed our local Corvallis Gazette Times did such a good job on this story and I hope they do a followup. I want to know where those beets came from and how they ended up in recycled potting mix.

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