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Join us in an interview with  Margaret Roach at her blog/gardening magazine. Today Nichols Garden Nursery is featured. Keane is holding two fine specimens of Oregon Sweetmeat Squash Homestead. Notice the beautiful color and thick walls.  Grow it and you’ll also taste how sweet and tender it is. I am holding our very new Ruby-Gold Flint Corn and branches of true Mediterranean bay, Laurus nobilis, Rosemary Blue Gem, a Nichols introduction. Read her article, join the giveaway and learn a few herb gardening tips. Leave a comment on her blog and join the giveaway. Margaret is the former senior editor and Martha Stewart Living Magazine and author of the new and highly reviewed “and I shall find peace there” her latest book. Click the link to Margaret Roache’s article

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  1. Thanks for this link to your interview. I just got started herb gardening last year, and I’ve been wondering what to add to the garden this year. Your info has been very helpful, and I’ll likely be buying some plants from your nursery come spring!

    • Hello Sharon,
      One of the best things about February is it is such a good time to plan. If this is the second year you’ve gained experience. I would say add plants that you’d like for cooking. Fresh herbs are a pleasure to use and I suggest you read through the descriptions. I’d say if you like using lemon, you’ll enjoy Lemon Thyme and Lemon Basil and maybe Lemon Verbena. Lemon Mint is more for the collector and if you want to add Lemon Balm, I suggest you go with the plant that doesn’t produce seed. That’s a start and I hope it’s helpful.

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