Frozen Pipes – Disconnect the Hose

Have you ever wondered why we’re told to disconnect the hose from pipes during a hard freeze? We usually did this but I always wondered why thinking the worst that could happen would be a split hose.
Yesterday, we saw why we always get this warning. In our case the hose froze solid forcing water to back up into the faucet and pipe and they broke. Other pipes were disconnected, this one is fairly hidden in a yew hedge. It formed this dramatic water sculpture and fountain. We’ll forever faithfully disconnect hoses when we no longer need to water.

We know there will be plant losses revealed as weather warms. Our demonstration salad gardens are worse for the weather and we do love salads. The tunnels warmth will encourage greens to regrow. As soon as there is a warm spell a light fertilizing of seaweed or fish emulsion will give plants a kick start.
Recent winters have been warm and we’d stopped taking all the necessary precautions against cold. We’re still learning and relearning the lessons we forget and winter does have it’s distinct power and beauty.

3 Responses

  1. I didn’t realize you got that much cold there. We have to be careful here to disconnect the garden hose from the faucet, and those magic water wands, too. Those freeze inside and leak the next spring.

    • You are so right. Today, finally the first glimmers of spring, a few daffodils and the neighbor who is in her 80’s was out pushing her reel mower wearing shorts and boots. The thermometer said a sweet sixty degrees.

  2. We didn’t realize we got this much cold either. Recent winters have been mild and we’ve been taking our new zone 8 temps for granted. However, yesterday one of our Rosemary plants was flowering and I expected buds would be destroyed by the cold. Plants keeps surprising me by both tenacity and tenderness.

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