Northwest Flower & Garden Show

We’re here in Seattle for one of our favorite annual events. If you are anywhere near Seattle come this week for the what may be the last hurrah at a truly great gardening show. The show gardens never fail to please, Judith Jones and her troop from Fancy Fronds has created a fantasy “The King and I” garden, with wonderful design, details, costumes, and a glorious abundance of  flowering plants, ferns, and shrubs. Judith is a recognized expert on ferns. Over at another garden space an artist  from Costa Rica is creating an intricately carved mask that he told us takes six days to complete. This garden is designed by The Northwest Orchid Society. Entering the show is a garden of four seasons with quilts and plants. It is my favorite entry garden of all the shows I’ve seen. I hope someone takes on this show where February blooms in Seattle. Duane and Alice Kelly, show founders are ready to move on to other things and this show would not be the class act it is without their passion and energy.

This morning I gave a talk on Practical Home Propagation, those who attended pretty much filled the available chairs and were all so gracious to sit through the talk and ask good questions at the end. I’m happy to see more gardeners growing vegetables,  growing from seed, and beginning to feel a little more confident. Only a few years ago I was seeing people’s eyes grow wide as they would say”me, grow from seed, I’m not sure I could do that”. My answer always is a hearty response ” of course you can, your ancestors have been doing this for thousands of years”. I haven’t heard this for awhile, so either gardeners are growing from seed with confidence or I’ve been giving a lot of talks on seed starting.

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  1. I’m one of those people afraid to grow from seed, but I’m doing it anyway this year. Will you be giving any talks in the Portland OR area in the next few weeks?

  2. I will be speaking at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show in Portland on Sunday, March 1. This is Oregon’s garden show! We will bring seeds and we are there to answer questions as well as sell seeds.
    Just as a beginning thought the greatest cause of failure with seed is planting too deeply.
    Rose Marie

  3. Hi Rosemary –

    I just found your blog – nice postings. We’re using the same template, I think (my blog is

    I bet I missed some interesting stories at the GWA meeting at the Seattle F&G show, but I had to leave early. Thanks again for those new squash seeds you shared with me – a beige delicata — who’d have thought it. I’ll pass on a few to some of my Lummi Island co-gardening friends. Hope your trip to Lynden for potatoes was successful. Next time you’re up this way, feel free to email me. I’d be happy to show you around this little island.

    Wynne Lee

    • We did get our 800# potatoes for our retail store. Had a great time at the Seattle show and it was a pleasure to meet you. If and when things slow down I’d love to see a little of Lummi Island with you.
      Rose Marie

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