Heirlooms Disappearing

This year I have never seen so many heirloom varieties disappear from the seed trade. Two apparent casualties worthy of resuscitation are Kyoto Long Cucumber and Touchon Carrot. Carrots and cucumbers require careful isolation so it is hard to produce more than stock seed on our own.

Seed Savers do a fine job of retaining varieties, but often not in commercial amounts. What should we do with an heirloom vegetable we love? Grow it, buy it, eat it, and ask for it at nurseries and farmer’s markets.

3 Responses

  1. Rose Marie, Just bought container gardening yesterday. I thought I had given up gardening forever so threw my first copy away. Now I have decided that once again I want a French Potager in pots, and your book is the ONLY book that helps me out. I would think that this year, with food prices what they are, your book will go on to more editions.

    • Thanks for such a nice comment. I hope your gardens have flourished. I don’t know about a new edition but McGee & Stuckey’s Bountiful Container just had it’s sixth printing. Pretty good, especially considering the state of print media these days.

  2. I hope your first French Potager in containers has worked out for you. If you would like to post an entry and photo we’d all love to see it and hear your pros and cons.
    Rose Marie

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