Easy Gardening Tips

Composition roof shingles laid between raised beds keeps paths dry and weed free. We began using these last summer and through the winter have come to love them. The shingles are rough and seems to discourage slugs, the surface is never slippery or muddy. When they are no longer needed, shingles are easy to lift and remove. We’ve used Sequoia needles, filbert shells, landscaping fabric and this is the best solution for weed control and comfort.

One Response

  1. That’s such a great idea. Solves so many problems at once. Easy to rake up clippings and autumn leaves from the shingles – much more so than raking something from wood chip paths! I frequently see shingles for sale on Craigslist. They are usually over-runs from a job, or are mismatches that the store won’t take back. I like this idea so much. Thank you! Bonnie

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