Des Moines Garden 11/23/06 – Chickens Give Thanks

After my front yard garden was literally cleaned out (see post “Divide and Conquer 10/8/06”), I sowed Tyfon seeds, which Rose Marie had sent me, as a winter cover crop. I confess that I did not keep up with the watering, and we were in a drought. Some seeds sprouted and the first set (cotyledon) of leaves lightly peppered the bare ground.

Although it got quite chilly in November, the weather warmed on Thanksgiving Day—it was sunny and in the mid 60s. Ton and David (who live two houses south of me, and own Chocolaterie Stam—the best chocolate this side of Amsterdam) had been working non-stop at the local store as well opening a new franchise in Ames, IA. Their six chickens had not free ranged for well over a month (Truth be told, a few times when I was feeding them, they got loose and I had to corral them back into their coop, but they had no grazing time), so David let them out to get some exercise and find some goodies, which indeed they did. The chickens made tracks to my front yard, where they had their own very trendy Thanksgiving feast—micro greens (the young tyfon). They had a great time, and I couldn’t begrudge them their holiday meal as I get to enjoy their fresh eggs every day.

As my Thanksgiving guests arrived, they were greeted by this sight—well-fed chickens having a group dust bath.

In case you want to know who’s who, from left to right: Marjolein (an Auracana), Princess Buttercup (the White Frizzle rooster who had been named by the daughter of the family who gave him—fully grown—to Ton & David. It’s very hard to tell the sex of 2-day old chicks and the name stuck), Shaniqua (a Black Australope, partially hidden by Princess Butterrcup and the two Rhode Island Reds—Ruby and Jezebel), and rounding out the group are Cordelia and Ophelia (Silver Wyandots).

Chickens enjoy a dust bath

Des Moines Garden – The Big Dig

It takes a lot of work to clear a mature garden.

Des Moines Garden - the Big Dig

Keane – Garden help

Des Moines Garden – The Beginning

We are starting here a sequence of posts about the Des Moines garden project. Cathy Wilkinson Barash will update these posts later.  I am posting the pictures now.

Des Moines Garden Pre Dig

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Keane – Garden help.