Eggs & The Vernal Equinox

Cathy Wilkinson Barash, our friend in Des Moines, tells me that eggs will stand upright on their base for several hours around the vernal equinox. Urban myth, pagan rite, or perhaps like Cathy you’ve been astounding friends for years with this feat. She says it only works at the arrival of spring. I’ll be taking pictures of my attempt and we shall see if mine are lopsided or upright.

As you can see from the photo below it worked!

balanced egg
Eggs are the age old symbol of spring and I remember a wonderful Easter egg hunt when the children were small. All the colored eggs had been placed in clumps of wild violets and other spring flowers making such a pretty effect. Several families enjoyed a picnic and it was idyllic until two of the children went chasing down a muddy bank into a slough and had to be fished out. I was the chagrined mother of one of the miscreants.

One Response

  1. At first, when a boss of mine told me about an egg standing up at the exact moment of the spring equinox I thought she was alittle weird but when she actually showed me I was awe but now I do believe the old myth. Every since my exposure to this fascinating experience I try to do it with my daughter every year which she finds quite intriguing and yes our egg stood upright for us tonight…

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