Back On Line

Greetings From The Garden,

I’m so pleased to be back online. Our home internet went down December 15th and was repaired today. We had a doozie of a storm with winds 60 to 80 mph. Two houses within a hundred yards of us had trees fall on the roof. Our business, Nichols Garden Nursery, in Albany, OR never lost phone or electrical service. Here in Corvallis, where I live, most households were without power overnight and some people in outlying areas are still waiting for service. It has been the intensity of our storms along with record rains that has been unusual not excessive cold. However, the mountains haver been treacherous, with trapped travelers and mountain climbers losing their lives. It has been a sobering month in Oregon.

The first day of winter is the 21st and I wandered around the garden today wondering what to pick. The curly endive will make a good salad and fragrant rosemary and bay will be added to gift baskets. Rosemary is full of buds with a few blue flowers. In looking around, I realized in spite of the awful storm, violas are still flowering, Cerinthe major is looking perky and has a few blooms and calendulas are full of flowers. I’d love to hear what’s blooming and ready to pick in your winter garden. Stay warm and dry.