Gardening is playing Hooky

Because I write our Nichols Garden Nursery catalog in the fall, I have a couple months when I’m mostly in front of my computer and my own garden is sorely neglected. It seems every year, I finish catalog and the rains begin. This year it was a deluge which I partially escaped by going to California to give a talk on container and small space edible gardening. This Sunday and Monday have been radiant and clear and I’ve played in the garden. Time to clear the pumpkins from the front yard and put up a wreath. I went for a walk with a friend Sunday and everyone was out, raking their yards, putting up decorations, and just outside having a jolly time. My own yard is looking spruced up, there’s more to do and I really need to plant tulips and a few pots stuffed with bulbs make good gifts. TIP: If you’re buying bulbs late in the season, it’s often better to buy ones in mesh bags than in the bin. By now the bulbs in bins tend to get mixed up a bit and you may not want a couple yellow tulips with your Apricot Beauties.

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