All America Thanksgiving Menu 2006

Our family Thanksgiving dinner is a celebration of foods of the New World. When Europeans first arrived they quickly took seeds and plants to Europe and these were soon in wide distribution. In fifteen years, hot peppers had circled the globe. Beans became household staples in Italy and sailors carried pineapples around the world as an exotic fruit that prevented scurvey.

All the foods marked with an asterisk*originated in the Americas and were cultivated and used for thousands of years before the first Europeans arrived. Our recipes include some wheat flour for cornbread and piecrust, onion and herbs for seasoning. However, it is a salute to our native foods many of which we commonly grow in our gardens. Some of the foods I use are local to Oregon, you may have access to special mushrooms, black walnuts, fish, an old recipe for peanut butter soup or even food from the hunt. Serve it forth!

*Harvest stuffing using commercial corn bread stuffing, or *cornbread, *dried cranberries, *toasted sunflower seeds and turkey sausage.
*Corn Sticks or *Cornbread
*Mashed Potatoes with *Oregon truffle giblet gravy
*Slaw from Yacon, *sweet red peppers and *pineapple
*Green Beans with *mushrooms and shallots
*Spiced Heirloom Sweet Meat squash and *maple syrup
*Tomato aspic with *avocado and *bay shrimp
*Cranberry sauce with an optional dash of *Bourbon
*Pumpkin Pie
*Blueberry Pie
*Chocolate Pecan Pie
Make one or more pies depending on preferences

Recipes coming one or two at a time through the coming week Rose Marie